Scale DXF’s before saving

When creating large designs, sometimes it is not possible to fit them in 2d drawings without scaling the design

Because I have to scale a lot of my drawings before I send them out to the laser profiler, we sometimes see mistakes where designs havent been scaled up to 100%. Although I always send a DXF and a PDF of the component, I thought everything would be checked over and cross referenced. This is no the case and having spoken to other profilers, it’s never going to be the case. To get the best price, they load up the DXF and just go for it. Because this appears to be the industry norm in the uk, mistakes are made and parts can be cut too big or too small.

This feature would prevent that mistakes when machining directly from the DXF:

This feature would allow users to change/set the scale of the DXF before saving. This would prevent mistakes and and make for a more efficient transition from drawn on a screen to cut from steel.

Without this feature, the DXF will always be to the same scale as the drawing, considering it has no measurements on it, this leaves me open to a lack of diligence and mistakes…

This hampers our progress from time to time and means we have to introduce extra processes in our management system