Scale one side only

Trying to figure out how to expand one side of a shape. I made it too small by accident. I need to stretch one side over a bit. However I can’t figure out how to do this effectively. In the below video I have to resize each side individually but then the top right corner gets distorted and is no longer smooth. Is there a way to do what I need or do I need to start over/ resize the sketch and remake the extrusion?

Update: if I go into move/rotate and move the outside and inside of the walls it didn’t distort the corner. I thought the arrows in the default interface did the same thing? I guess not?

Hi, great to know you found a way around it.

It’s strange that by using the arrows from within the Transform tool you get a different result.

We will like to further investigate this, please can you also post a video showing how you adjusted the edge using the Move/Rotate feature to get the desired result.

Here is a video of both adjustments with different results.

Hi, thanks for sending the video as requested. I will pass it on and we will further look into this.

Out of curiosity, is that the best way to do what I was doing? Moving both sides of the walls in multiple steps?

Yes, that’s how to go about it. Instead of adjusting the parallel sides of the object individually, you can select the faces at both sides and then make adjustments to them simultaneously

I find that if I select both sides of a wall and try to adjust, it moves one wall in one direction, and the other wall in the opposite direction in the normal interface. I have to go into Transform/Move to get them to move in the same direction. Could you possibly implement a way in the normal interface to mimic the Transform/Move behavior? Like a hard press on the arrow?