Resize extrude objects

So, I looked aroud for the matter of resizing. I found a mention of the yellow thingy. However, the yellow thingy only sclaes the whole group. What I’d like to do is resize width or length, not rescale.



Hi Jose - currently we only have uniform scaling, meaning you can only resize your shapes through all dimensions.

We are currently working in a release, which allows you to Transform (move/rotate/scale) edges - one by one. Would that solution help?

If you give me a specific example for your problem, Im happy to find a workaround - if possible

Hi Daniel,
Indeed, that would help make it more intuitive. I did find that if I wanted to elongate a side, I just had to tap on that side, then “pull/push” the side. Though it took me a while to connect that the extrution technique can be used for re-sizing as well.