Scaling fail, invalid result body?

I have a part I’m trying to scale up, approx 300%, but it’s giving me an “invalid result body” error.

I didn’t have a problem scaling it down in another project space, drawn natively in Shapr. I then exported it as a STEP (needed STEP for another software, Cadmio), then imported the STEP into another Shapr project. Now it won’t let me scale it back up.

Edit: I was able to scale up the original project in Shapr. Is this issue only caused by STEP objects imported into Shapr?

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I have similar issues with scaling in Shapr3D. Some things will scale in the same model and some won’t.
Is this a bug??

It depends on the model, scaling is a quite complex operation, and could easily create invalid body parts. Keep in mind, Shapr3D is a solid body modeling software, so it doesn’t support 0 thickness, or self intersecting bodies.

To know exactly, please open a support ticket and upload the model in .shapr format, we are happy to help investigating.

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