Scaling corrupts the objects

Hi there,

When I scaled a complex object (by selecting all groups), the solids became illogical, with hollow areas.

Here’s the original object:

When I scale it by a factor of 10x, close the workspace and open it again, some of the objects in the back of the ship are now hollow:

How could I scale my design by a factor of 10 without damaging the solids?

Many thanks!

Did you create everything in Shapr3D or are there any imported parts?

I created everything in Shapr3D

Strange. Do you have the .shapr file? If yes, we would look at it.

Sure, here they are!
Bad - Scaled 10x.shapr (1.8 MB)
Good.shapr (2.6 MB)

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Hi, were you able to look at the Shapr3D files? Any hints or pointers on what to do to avoid the issue? Thanks!

Yes, thanks, it will be fixed with this update:

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Awesome, thanks! Can’t wait for the update :slight_smile: