Screen Recorder - Recent Changes

Although I did not see any notification to the fact the Apple Screen Recording Facility accessible on the iPad > Control Center > Customise Controls > Screen Recording [SR] has changed significantly.

These changes were seen on my iPad Pro before making the switch from iOS 12 to the BETA version of iPadOS, this switch being made in the hope that SR in the latter would be unaffected, but I found out retrospectively Apple ensured the directive would apply universally.

Searching for information revealed that Apple has directed Developers to ‘….remove or change SR used by their Apps…’

From a Users POV it seems that S3D are probably aware some excellent features previously enjoyed by their Customers have been withdrawn, leaving the basic Apple SR. For those who may not be familiar the features referred to the Apple Pencil pointing and tapping appropriately and the Red filled Circles representing Finger Gestures. Without these indicators Videos are more difficult to follow.

The purpose of this message is to ask whether S3D will be able to reinstate the, now missing, features, for Customers willing to accept the the need for Developers to meet the T & C laid down by Apple?

It is accepted that the administration for this may take some time.

With knowledge of what Personal Information is collected it is highly probable that I would Sign Up to any reasonable arrangement. Hopefully others will agree?

Your response is eagerly awaited.

In the meantime can S3D or anyone reading this suggest an alternative MO to achieve similar results these excellent ex Features?

I have ruled out ScreenFlow [SF], it can certainly accept the MP4 output from Apple SR, BUT there are caveats. Most of the really nice features in SF cannot be used with anything other than a SF SR, and I have not been able to trick it into accepting the Apple SR added to a background only SF SR because the two components remain separate. There does not seem to be any means of importing/integrating/or whatever due to the proprietary nature of the SF File System.

Other SRs tried lack the features needed. Any useful input will be gratefully received