Why was Double-Tap to Undo/Redo removed!?

I’ve been using Shapr3D for a few months now, and everything was going great. The interface was simple, the work flow was great, but now when I updated earlier today, I find that to UNDO a selection or action, it no longer does so by Double Tapping?

So now it apparently only UNDO / REDO by having to swipe 3 fingers left or right?

This affects my work flow, as I do NOT enjoy having to awkwardly group 3 fingers and smudge the screen every time I want to make UNDO / REDO something on the app. It used to be as simple as a 0.3 millisecond double-finger tap, and kapeesh: undone/redone.

My fingertips are always dry, so it is very annoying to have to awkwardly smudge the screen / swipe now to just do something as simple as doubletap. And no I’m not going to “just click the small left arrow on the bottom left corner to undo”. I hate having to search for it with the tip of the apple pencil, and its awkwardly placed on the bottom of the screen.

I use Shapr3D for my main 3d work, and I dont have time to learn another 3D software, since Shapr3D is (was) the most user friendly and quick workflow.

Please, Shapr3D Developers: bring it back! Or at least bring back the option to switch between tapping and swiping!

With the upcoming release of iPadOS, this 3 finger gesture is going to be the standard. I’m not saying that we are not going to have a customizable gesture control down the road but I’m sure it’s not on our near roadmap. (Also I feel your pain, I think our previous solution was more comfortable)

Thank you for your quick response back.

This is definitely disappointing, as whenever I do the three-finger swipe it sometimes makes the camera view move around in the direction wherever I swiped. Plus the double-tap was quick and simple, as well as helped keep my screen somewhat cleaner (though its an iPad: its going to be fingerprint magnet).

Would there be any way I could revert to an older version of Shapr3D before this recent update? Or downgrade version to pre-recent update? Had I took the time to read the update notes, I would have just stayed on previous release version.