Screenshot Without Noise?

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Stop showing me the “Screenshot Without Noise” popup

The problem that this feature will solve:
Not having an annoying popup every time I take a screenshot of my sketch, therefor not frustratingly blocking my workflow :unamused:

Brief description of the outcomes that you expect from this feature:
I got it the first time. I don’t need to see it repeated every time. I remember the feature is there but I don’t want to use it; however the popup keeps telling me like I don’t know.

It could just show once and not ever again. If I want to use the feature, but can’t find it: I’ll look through the documentation or search the forums.

What can’t you achieve without this feature?
Absolutely a workflow blocker, and can be easily fixed by only showing the popup once, and adding a checkbox labeled “Don’t remind me again”.


Thanks for the feedback. You’re right – while we do want users to be aware of the alternatives, we shouldn’t be this pushy about it.

I can’t commit to an exact timeline right now, but we’ll definitely fix this.


This popup frustrates the heck out of me! Add my vote to remove this.

I’m on an iPad…we take screenshots all the time, and most Apple people know how to do it. I think that early on this was an attempt by Shapr to get people to upgrade so they would go to the more expensive version, Sure, there are some features like taking a screen shot that has a transparent background, and that’s nice, but I generally want a plain ol’ screen shot and don’t want a reminder every…single…time.

Maybe an icon on the screen to do the screen shot with extra features? And I would put it on the top left where your hand doesn’t accidentally touch the icon (like the others on the lower right). But PLEASE get rid of this pop-up…it’s unnecessary.


Hopping in to second this! I take a lot of screenshots for behind-the-scenes promotional material where it’s actually preferable to have the UI visible. The screenshot tool is great for display purposes, but wow does that popup get annoying.

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@Peter_Gy @Istvan just wanted to say thanks for getting this into Shapr! Having the popup appear once at first is fine but removing subsequent popups has been really lovely. Cheers :smiley:


Thanks for fixing this, guys! Great to see that annoying popup removed! :pray:


Thank you for removing it :+1:

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Wait, did this get fixed? That popup showing up every time almost made me stop using Shapr3D! It was soooooo annoying and persistent!

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