Issues on screen shot

To give a promotion to user experience, in my personal opinion, a particular button for screen shot is necessary, sometimes for hand draw, sometimes for trimming the edges.

Concern it :grin:

hi - can you please elaborate. What do you mean under “ScreenShot button” ?

Hi, I am struggling with my poor description.

I mean it is a button has the same effect like you push the on/off and volume up button ,

and then it yerld a screen shot but not save it into the album,

you can edit it imediately with apple pencil , share it , delete it or save it into the album.

All I want to say is that may be the recently design is not the best.

Now we save the screenshot into album by tapping the centre button,

If I want to use the screenshot imediately, I have to (1)close the shapr3d,(2)open the album,(3)find the screenshot I need,(4)paint on it or trim if necesarry ,and then back to shapr3d for proceeding.

I need to do at leat 4 steps more.:slightly_smiling_face:

oh I see - thanks. A markup tool with immediate drag’n’drop capabilities :slight_smile:

Ok, glad to hear.

From Xhz