Shapes left behind after a move?

Hey Guys! I’m a little confused as to what the little shapes are that get left behind any time you move an object.
Let’s say I draw a circle, then extrude it. If I move it, it leaves an outline of that circle behind. If I do a “select all” tap, it seems to ignore that outline, unless I flip the part, and manually select it.

What is this part that is getting left behind, and why does it not select with the rest of the part?

Is it even necessary? For example, let’s say I chamfer the edge of a cube… the original outline of the cube stays below it. I can select and move that, but cannot chamfer it.

Are these just little artifacts left over that need to be deleted for reference after a part is extruded from it?? Or are they a detached face?

I tried searching this in the forums, but cannot find the way to word it that would produce any results at all.


Hi Steve, there are 2d sketches from where you extruded the 3d bodies from e.g the circle the cylinder was extruded from.

You can hide the sketches on the Items window or completely delete them if you feel you wouldn’t need them for reference purposes.
Here’s our nice short article on navigating the Items Menu:

Thanks! I didn’t know what to call them. :+1:t3:

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