Service Award Pin/Badge

I was asked to design a service award pin for employees at work. I did two versions in Shapr3D, the text function was very useful.


The top one is wonderful.

I’m sure you agree, but I think the actual milestone number of years is lost in the second example. The first really celebrates the specific achievement of Five Years of service.

I’d wear it.

The Ten Year one needs to come with a nice long vacation though :slight_smile:


Thanks Ivocic. I’ll be doing more variants of the design and probably regional colours once I get feedback in the coming days.


Ohh, regional colours is a really nice touch. If they don’t choose a variant with the background colour in the outer circle, they’re mad! That really pops.

I’m really enjoying the rose gold. I’m not sure if it’s still fashionable, but there was a bit of a resurgence a couple of years ago, and I’m into it!

I want one that says Five Minutes for my recent dedication to learning Shapr3D :slight_smile: