Hey everyone ,
I’m currently using fusion 360 and thinking of getting an iPad Pro and using shapr instead . I make signs as a side gig. I’m looking to see if anyone uses a iPad/tablet for drawing. I use dxf and svg to send to a cam program . I don’t want to use a laptop and would like to do drawings on the go . I ll leave a few pics to show exactly what I do .


Take a look at this post from Stephen.

Many of use an iPad and create items such as what you’re looking to do.

The iPad is the main reason I’m here.

Two main things set Shapr3D apart from Fusion360 for me.

  1. Full function on the iPad.
    I mean come on. It’s such a powerful device. It’s only corporate stodginess and inflexibility on the part of major software houses like Autodesk, which is preventing them from taking full advantage of this platform.

  2. A vast reduction in the tedium of modelling.
    When the established power-players approach modelling, it’s all structure and seriousness, and pre-planning… and while that is very powerful in its own way, it’s also extremely tedious. So much red tape. Shapr’s direct approach (pun intended) means you can just get stuff done … easily… and quickly.

Their focus on contextual UI is a major part of this. I was scared of the learning curve at first, but actually even at a fairly advanced age, I’m finding it a real joy to learn.

Now with the new history-based parametric features coming, it’s going to be the best of both worlds…. on your sofa.

I can’t speak for you, but I’m very pleased with the choice I made.

I also still feel like I got here just in time to really grow with the direction that Shapr3D is heading. The initial feature-set isn’t overwhelming. A lot is coming, but I’m not drowning in it, and I have time to learn to swim.

Is there a recommended tablet?

And thanks for the response

iPad M2 with highest amount of RAM. Although there are rumors that an M3 is coming out soon.

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I totally agree with @McD.
I do all my modeling with an iPad Pro.

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Welcome aboard Cookie1987.

Shapr3D is ideal for the type of work you are doing.

Coincidentally and as McD posted, I’m doing a pin/badge as well. It only took me a couple of hours to come up with these prototypes.

Here’s one I designed last year, with the actual final product below it

Shapr3D made the whole job so quick and easy. Also very pleasurable to do. I’m still using a 2020 iPad 12.9” model, the one before the M1 and it handles Shapr and my largest projects with ease.