Shapes grouping addition

I’d like to see the shapes with the same editing options as groups i.e. Adding selecting hiding. I’m currently working with about 1000 splines and its slowing down. I’m only working with a fraction of that at any time, but the numbers growing rapidly. I’m copying / pasting a honeycomb grid. If I could rename different parts of my drawing, I could hide them when not in use.

I’d also like to select groups of shapes in the transform section without having to select individual splines (especially when a mis-tap could accidentally screw things up).


And I’d also love to be able to use the undo function from within the trimming tool :slight_smile:

Hi- we have plans to recreate the groups section, to make it more like the one you have described, it will be a big change, and it will come sooner than later :slight_smile:


Groups are just fine - if you can make the shapes (drawings/sketches) work the same then I’ll be a happy boy

That’s the plan :slight_smile: