Shapes have all disappeared

So in my groups tap all my shape groups still say they have shapes in them but no matter what I do I can’t get the shapes to appear. It’s happened before and I would have to go through and click on all my sketches one by one and then randomly clicking on one of the sketches would make all the shapes appear. Please help this is a very important project and I need this stuff

There is an eye icon on the right of the group. Just tap on it.

Trust me I’ve tried that over and over

Can you post a video?

Yes I can hold on a min

I just tried updating the app to see if maybe that would fix the bug if that doesn’t fix it I’ll post a video

Ok the forum is saying new users can’t upload attachments

I figured it out I had to reset the grid in the view finder drop down and they all showed back up


Probably you just zoomed out too much.