.shapr Default app assignment

I installed Shapr3d from microsoft store since my apple pencil is currently down
imported a couple of files from ipad.

and i am trying to link Shapr3d as default app for .shapr files,

here is what i have tried:

  • Right click on .Shapr file> open with> Look for an app in microsoft store.> No result found it simply searches for shapr on windows store.

  • Right click on .Shapr file> open with>more apps>(No Shapr3d in the list)> Look for another app on PC>searched Shapr(no shapr3d folder or exe to open)

-Press Start button>typed and opened Default apps> Choose default applications by file type> .shapr it’s not in the list of extensions.

To make sure i tried all of these steps even after i restarted my laptop with the same result.

please let me know if anyone has a solution

Hey @Arghus ,

File association is currently not possible for Shapr3D on Windows, but solving this is definitely on our radar.