Shapr slowler in v4.11.0 iOS when suppress and copy object

Shapr is slowler since version 4.11.0 on my ipad, when I want to delete , copy and move object, etc. I tried to make my project lighter, but the slowness is still there. There is always a working icon when I do this kind of operations. Can you help me please?

If you are working on a heavy design file my quick solution may help you. Group all unnecessary parts and temporarily hide them. Then your software work smoothly.

Thanks Farahbod. I did that but function like « replace face » is still very slow. Is this latency a bug ?because everything was fine before update to v 4.11.0


We are aware of the issue, the development team is currently investigating it, we will fix it as soon as we can.

Thanks for this information !

Just to let you know there is still a lot slowness in v 4.11.1 for me, in simply extruding for example: this kind operation takes several seconds each time.

Was the same workspace faster before? Can you share it with our team?

I have sent by email to shapr support my project with the issue.
Ticket #55193

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Thank you!