Are splines slow on old ipad?

i use shapr on my new ipad pro and an old one (one at a time). tonight on the old one, i was drawing splines and it seemed shapr couldn’t keep up. after a few points i couldn’t drop a fit point and the curve end jittered around not keeping up with pen.

is my old pad just too slow?


Hi Ron,

No, it shouldn’t be an issue. Can you post a few screenshots and send the workspace file to We would love to take a look at the problem.

weirdly, it’s working fine this morning. possibly closing the file helped?

Could be, yes. If this happens next time, it would be super helpful if you could make a screen recording of the issue. Performance is one of our top priorities. Thanks for reporting the issue!

Hello, I’m replying to an old conversation because this seems to be the same issue. I am trying to work with a drawing that I created in a vector drawing program. I converted it to dxf and imported, but it is extremely slow to do any operations at all. It is a fairly large spline, with several thousand nodes I think, but it’s more or less instantaneous in the 2D drawing program, so I know it’s not excessive.

In Shapr3d on a reasonably new iPad Pro, or also on the beta on a newish Macbook Pro, it takes several minutes just to select the drawing. Things like “translate 20 mm vertically” take a similar amount of time. I extruded it and then tried to intersect, and that took upwards of 10 minutes for the progress animation to finish.

I’m not able to include it as an attachment because I have a new account, but hopefully this link lets you get the file. You should be able to reliably reproduce this issue by:
-Create a new empty Shapr3d document
-Import the dxf file
-Double-tap to select the whole spline, or else tap the folder
-select Move/Rotate
-translate 20 mm upwards

That last step takes several minutes, for me.


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I had the same issue with a spline heavy imported file. It was a topography map with several dozen contour lines, each made of several dozen splines. Thousands of nodes. It was unusable in S3D as each selection took minutes.

I ended up redrawing it in S3D using one long spline for each contour line. Took all day but it was worth it.


Many spline does take a toll on iPad old/new all same

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