Shapr3d or rhinogold

Hi, GUYS!Who help me? i have a problem… i´m a jewerly designer and i dont know wich program to decide if SHAPR3D OR RHINOGOLD.


Shapr3d is the best choice. Rhinos can be dangerous animals…

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Shapr is great - and works on the iPad. However… the above statement isn’t quite correct. The Mac-version will probably be on the same level as the Windows version (V6) in about a year. There’s already a WIP-version. Pricing: the above mention prices are one time payments. McNeel doesn’t have subscriptions at all. That means you get all uppgrades for free until the next version (V7) ships - which would be in about 5-6 years. Just divide the price with 5-6 years.
I don’t know anything about Rhino gold, though. You’ll have to ask your question on the Rhino forum.


Oh, that seems quite expensive. It’s of course up to the professional to decide if it’s worth it. You have the freedom to choose - after trying out the different demos, of course.


Shark is dangerous also

Rhinogold will be recommonded if he ask there.:grin:

Not necessarily. The Rhinogold plug-in isn’t made by McNeel. There are many jewellers hanging out on the Rhino forum. I have the impression that some are using Rhinogold - or perhaps some other plug-in. Some of them are using just plain Rhino without plug-ins - or using Rhino/Grasshopper (the parametric plug-in included in Rhino V6). In any case I think you will get honest answers from that crowd. People there (as well as here on the Shapr forum) tend to be very helpful.

You should in any case try the demos, if you’re interested and have time. Then you’ll be able to make a better decision and figure out what suits you best. There are a lot of things that are easy to accomplish with Rhino and some stuff you might rather be doing in Shapr.

I also don’t think that it have to be one or the other. You can have both and use the best of both worlds - like me :wink: I like both Shapr and Rhino for what they are good at.