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Shapr3D reaches 20k PRO users and announces macOS expansion!

Here is the first mention of Shapr3D in the Apple Silicon keynote:

And the second one:

And @Istvan_CEO_Shapr3D wrote an article about how Apple Silicon is changing the game:


What does this mean?



“Maybe you love being able to model on your iPad while travelling. Or you like to switch it up and work from a Mac at your desk sometimes. Either way, with Shapr3D available soon for macOS, this powerful versatility will be in your hands. Use your existing Shapr3D license on a Mac and create the optimal design workflow for your needs.” (copied text)


Thanks Robert for the explanation.



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I guess this has something to do with Macs getting Apple silicone?:slight_smile:

Does Shapr3D would be capable to work using mouse on MacOS?

Yes :slight_smile:


Woo hoo. I’m looking forward to trying this out.


What about the iPad? Could be capable to work with the mouse and Appel pencil? Imagine a desktop set up using a big screen 32” to drawing using the mouse and use the Apple Pencil to the go.

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Yes. :slight_smile:


I have only just found Shapr3D today coming from fusion 360 on my Mac as a hobbyist / business startup and just wow. I have to say, I thought fusion 360 was a breath of fresh air from all of the other CAD tools I have tried, but this is a breath of fresh air compared to fusion! The benefits of using quite literally a pen and paper to make 3D cad designs is hard to put into words but now I have tried it I’m not quite sure I ever want to go back.

Unfortunately there a still a few small things that are holding me back right now however you seem to be ticking them off the list pretty quickly!

  1. Desktop counterpart - on the way
  2. Cheaper price tier aimed at hobbyist / startups - appears to be on the way
  3. A few more features ( repeat pattern being the main one I find myself really missing )

I think once the above is either announced or released, You will have gained a happy new customer.

Keep up the good work guys, I’m a full time software developer myself so very much appreciate the attention you have given to the finer details especially with how you have paired a beautiful intuitive design with outstanding performance. A trait I share yet unfortunately rarely see in my colleagues and competitors in the industry. I will definitely be watching this space! :+1:


Powerful little app! I just found it and plan to use it for CNC woodworking. Great UI! Nice job!!!

Congrats for the S3Dteam and István for the Apple event, comes to celebrity👏


Just ordered the M1 MacBook Pro… Can’t wait. I’ve fully switched over from SW. Guys, please keep up the good work and please don’t get greedy as other companies have.

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Thanks folks! Such a great start for our mac product!

Here is the first mention of Shapr3D:

And the second one:

And I summarized my thoughts about Apple Silicon and CAD in this article:


Amazing :clap:t2:

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One of the things that makes Shapr3D an awesome product is the ability to use the Apple Pencil to directly interact with the design. Unless Apple comes out with a Mac with a touchscreen, which they’ve been reluctant to do, how good will the experience be on a Mac?

We were thinking about this a lot obviously… and we think it’s going to be amazing. Actually there is much that could be improved even in the desktop CAD experience, and what we are working on, we believe that eventually going to be 10x better than any legacy CAD. Of course it will take us some time to get there, but even the 1.0 version will be amazing.

Ps.: the mac version will be much more of course than just the touch UI used with a mouse. We have been working a lot on adjusting and improving things for keyboard and mouse interactions. The first beta will be a bit rough, but the 1.0 will be fantastic.


I wish to apply for a educational Mac version, where can I do that?
Very promising with Mac compatibility

Subscriptions will be shared between the platforms. So if you have an edu or a pro sub on iPad, you will be able to use it on mac too.