Shell issue

I am not unable to shell this body. I have attached a file of the model. Any suggestions regarding this issue?

shapr3d_export_2023-02-02_18h07m.shapr (1.7 MB)

A few parts are problematic for shell.

One for sure is this small hinge:

It’s too small to be shelled.

Another part is this with tiny details:

When looking for the problematic part, I think the best way is a method similar to when looking for non-closed sketches, just in 3D. Create a construction plane, and start cutting up the body to smaller and smaller segments, between cuts, check if Shell works. This way you can find the problem relatively quickly.

Since it’s all merged into 1 body in your model, every part of it should be able to be shelled, or the whole thing can’t be. It’s usually the small parts and details that could result in invalid / overlapping geometries.