Shell Bug?

I made a video here: Bug - YouTube

Trying to make a 0.2 cm shell on two bodies that are the same. The one on the left for some reason only works at a certain rotation? :sweat_smile:

Hmm, could you please upload the Shapr3D design here or share it with us privately?

Out of curiosity, did you make the 3 bodies from a single one to start with?
Or, did you make one and then use Copy-Rotate to create the others?
Or, did you use the Mirror tool an any time?

I ask because I too recall having a similar issue when I used the Mirror tool.

Yeah here:
Test1.shapr (220.5 KB)

Don’t mind the first object, I sometimes just make multiple different objects for ideas :sweat_smile:

Yeah I started from one revolve and did split body. Maybe it was because the sketch itself wasn’t very geometric? I used a spline for the curve

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I partially recreated your truncated egg shape using Revolve and Split-Body from a spline sketch.
Interesting how one side I can dimension a shell wall thickness and the other cannot. The interaction of moving the Shell arrow speaks for itself.
ShellTest.shapr (16.3 KB)


Here’s my work around.


Yeah it’s an interesting bug to say the least haha

Sorry, can’t help myself :grinning: