Shovelhead Motorcycle

Hi Everyone!

First post of my mockup for a motorcycle I’m looking to build. I was first sketching it but discovered this app, and so decided to make here.

This is still very WIP but it gives me an idea of the shape I like and what will work or not work.

Thanks for looking!

I guess I can only post one image as I am a first time user. bummer but enjoy.


Very impressive work.

And how do you explain WIP?

“Work in progress”

Just as a comment from someone who has built custom motorcycles with stretched and raked frames (with extended forks).

Your forks will be incredibly dangerous.

This has to do with something called the ‘Trail,’ which is the distance between the line of the axle in your triple-tree, and the point of contact of the wheel. The rake will tend to amplify the effects of the trail.

When you turn the bars on this bike, your wheel is going to lay over on its side because the trail is so huge, and the rake is so extreme.

At higher speeds, this can rip the front wheel right off the bike in a curve.

Ideally you want the center of the wheel to be as close as possible to the line continuing the triple-tree axle.