Sketch editing unusably slow / laggy on iPad

Hello. I’ve been working on a project for about three days now. It’s not wildly complex, about a half dozen mid-detail interlocking wooden plates, with about 350-400 steps in the history.

It’s now at a point though where the sketch is almost impossible to edit. Attached is a video of me unlocking one length constraint - not even moving any sketches - taking a full ten seconds.

Should I limit myself to like 100 history steps (not really feasible)? Will optimization fixes come, or is this the typical experience for parametric?

That’d be a shame cuz aside from the performance I LOVE working with this system :slight_smile: I’m on 3rd gen iPad Pro 11in, iPadOS 17.2


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@Curiobot thanks for the report, we would love to investigate the issue deeper. Could you share the .shapr file here or privately to the address?