Sketch points

If I draw a part like below, I have always a problem
I start with a circle, extrude it to a zylinder, jump to the sideview a building a curve for rotating the endcup.
How can I pick the center of the cylinder to fix the sketch on their right position? Sometimes it do, sometimes not.

Can you post the screenshot please?

The first cylinder is build X/Y/Z center line, there is no problem to pick the middlepoint.
But if it is not in the centerline it is not possible to catch the middlepoint

Are you trying to move the sketch there with the translate tool?

Yes I do, but it is not showing the exact point, I just click in the middle and hope it is the middle.

Interesting, that’s a bug, let me look into this.

It would help a lot if we can draw a sketch on the end of a line/curve for sweeping

Is there a new version out for testing? I draw a lot of small things with different shape, tubes, bends, sheet metal parts,

What do you mean? You can sweep. Use the sweep tool

I want to draw a manifold, with sweeping on the line. Looks perfect from this view.

You see there is no connection. There should be a tool to start the new line on the right position X/Y/Z of the first Lines Endpoint

you always draw on the grid, or on a face. I suppose you moved the first arc there, and then you are trying to draw on that plane.
To do this, draw a circle to the origin, from top view, then switch to a side view, and draw the rail from there.