Aligning the centre of a circle to the junction of the X & Y Axis


How can I align the centre of a circle to the junction of the X & Y Axis?


If the sketch is based on the default (X-Y) plane, it can always be snapped to the origin. If somehow not, turning on grid snapping can be a solution.
In case of the sketch is placed on a different plane, there are two options to align to the origin:

  • By turning on grid snap
  • creating a reference line (in the video actually two lines were created) and project it (them) to the other plane where the endpoint or intersection can be used as a snapping point
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Hi Peter,

Thanks for your reply.

Grid snapping has been on through out. If I highlight the centre point, it shows it is not aligned to the intersection of the X and Y Axis.

In the figure below, the centre seems to be perfectly aligned with the intersection of the X and Y Axis.

But if I expand this figure, the centre is not actually aligned with the X, Y Axis. Please see the figure below.

And Snap to Grid is on. This is either a bug or the level of accuracy in drawings is limited. The scale of the expanded drawing is 0.01 mm.

Is there any way I can move the X, Y Axis to the centre point?


Oh, I see! There is no way to move the coordinate system, but you can always realign the sketches. Please tap on the center point of the circle and unlock it, then move it to the origin and lock it again.

Please note that in Shapr3D the endpoints have 3 states:

  • white dot: it is unconnected and unconstrained
  • white dot with a green dot in it: connected, but unconstrained
  • green dot: fully constrained

While the center point of the circles was fully locked, there are some endpoints along the Y (green) axis that are just connected, but not locked. Please be aware that after moving the center points, the realignment of other sketches may be needed.

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