Slow down pan/move speed

Is there a way slow down the pan and move speed? thx

What are you trying to slow down? A mouse, a spaceball, your fingers?

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I would like to know if it is possible to slow down the pan/zoom via the finger gestures.

Moving your fingers slowly doesn’t work for you?

That would be the natural thing to do isn’t it. Depending on user preference, one might like to pan/zoom in finer increments hence my question. I do like your creative way of saying no.

I guess I don’t understand. I can move extremely slow on my iPad. I can’t imagine it needing to be slower, but I think it would need more folks requesting it, before it would become a feature to be worked on. Perhaps you could share a video of it moving too fast, so the forum can understand it further. McD

Hey people, can you consider opening your mind?

There isn’t such a thing as two or more people living the exact same experience.

My mind is very open. That’s why I’m seeking additional info asking for a video. Or perhaps you can articulate the specifics?

Meaning of open minded is willing to consider new ideas