Tutorials - Pencil Appear/Tap/Withdraw Speed

Let me begin by congratulating the Shapr3D team on the quality of their tutorials, especially in terms of “understandability” when compared to other product offerings. However, if I may make an observation I am unable to follow the rapid pencil movement or determine its targeted icon when it appears, taps and withdraws from the screen. Perhaps this is a limitation of the screencast software being used?

I am anxiously awaiting news from Apple on whether there will be an update to the 12.9" iPad Pro and Apple pencil!

We use official Apple screen recording software to capture these videos.

If you feel the video are too fast, you can change the speed of the videos on Youtube.

Just click on the gear icon to open Settings.

And change the Speed from Normal to below 1.

This will slow down the video and you’ll be able to see the pencil + red dot longer.

Actually Gabor, I am very happy with the overall speed of the videos. I’m also very happy with the speed of the pencil when used to draw lines, circles, etc. It is only when it is applied by the software to tap command icons that its speed is so very fast. I’ve slowed down the videos as much as 50% but that particular “tap” aspect is still very rapid.

I had anticipated it was a software issue and not one your team had control over or have any control over. You guys are doing a great job!

The problem is that if we tap on a button / icon too long, it enables left handed mode. Just like on this video.

So this is the longest we can tap on most buttons when creating a live tutorial.

Ah, I understand. Thanks, Gabor.

This is actually a very reasonable request! We’ll talk about this and probably set it up in a later update so that the virtual pencil / red dots stay on screen for a short period of time (0.5-1 sec perhaps?) after the touch occurred.

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Great! Thank you Tamas.