Snap a body to a construction plane?

Is there a way to select a body and snap it to a created construction plane. Moving it by hand always leaves question as to if it’s on the plane or slightly off. I want to align several bodies to one place so I can then move them on the x and z axis more easily.

Ps for the Dev a text tool would be so nice. The workarounds suck and text is a pretty basic function. Along with chamfer at different angles. Or at least chamfer with a specific Depth and width.

I am trying to understand why it is necessary to align a Body or Bodies to a Construction Plane in order to make them easier to move on an Axis.
Using Transform > Move/Rotate I have not experienced problems Moving Bodies wherever they are positioned
Can you explain what problem you are having moving them on the X and/or Z Axis?

If you want to align Bodies to a Construction Plane have you tried Sketching directly on the appropriate Construction Plane and then creating the Body?

The reason for this is that when I import other files, such as my text library it is difficult to see if the edge of the text body is aligned with the plane I’m intending on placing it on. Using the move tool doesn’t cut it. Another option would be for S3D to implement a text feature.

Many of us would like to see the implementation of a Text feature, you are probably aware that this officially said to be ‘in progress’.

I understand that you use an App to the type the required Text, and then take a ScreenShot that is imported into S3D. In the following this is assumed to be correct.

At present [01 August 2020] unless the Text is present as a Body it may be difficult to manipulate and if it is not possible to remove the Background this could also create further difficulties.
In this ScreenShot the H was Sketched [note Closed Sketch] on the X-Y Plane and a Body Extruded to 0.001mm thick.
An Offset Construction Plane was created 174mm from the Origin Plane, and when the H was moved onto the new Plane it snapped into position.
Pages was used to somewhat replicate the H used above and manipulated into position alongside the H Closed Sketch. The H Image was reduced by adjusting the Height Dimension to approximately match that of the H Closed Sketch. Noting the Image Dimension relates ro the Background.
It was possible to place the Image on the Construction Plane, but of course the Offset was known, certainly the sense of snapping was absent. The detail involved is too small to be relevant and was omitted for the sake of clarity:

Perhaps it is worth giving an App capable of producing Text in DXF Format a try?