“Snap” faces or lines to another face

I have used Shapr3D a fair amount recently and one of the biggest shortcomings of the software in terms of technical ability is the inability to easily “snap” faces or lines to a face/object or to a specific location on a face (like “centered”)
I know you can “align” faces together, but doing so centers them on the other object and 9 times out of 10 it centers it in a way I’m not wanting. I frequently find myself in situations where I’m expanding a wall to be even with the edge of another wall and I end up having to zoom WAAAAAAAY in to get it EXACTLY right. I have also seen people draw a line from one to the other and then adjust the length of it by that number, but honestly both of those approaches are not good. I feel like there are times where this works fine, but if I’m ever into decimals of mm’s then all bets are off.
I would love to be able to move lines from one face of an object (or just one location on the file) to a face of another object. Sometimes I draw something out separate from an object, but then I need to put it ON the object so I can cut out part of the object with that design. I’ve had to manually move the line around and zoom super far in to get it close enough to be “okay” and then work with it. But if I tap on that face, the lines dont show up there, which is a big bummer to me.

I expect this feature to allow you to “cut” lines from the file and “paste” them on a face when you’re editing that face. Alternately I expect when I’m moving lines around the file that they should “snap” to a face if I’m moving it close to that face.
I further expect this feature to allow me to “snap” faces to line up if I’m getting close to doing so manually. If I expand a face and it’s getting close to being in-line with another face, the faces would snap together and give me the option to make them one face (without moving the face I’m snapping on to).

Without this feature I can’t re-use shapes I’ve drawn out in Shapr3D on multiple objects.

I can make do without this feature, but just BARELY. There are times when I haven’t been able to make do and I’ve had to change what I’m trying to do due to the limitations of Shapr3D.