Snap to existing geometry

i want to fill the parallelogram between the equal sided triangles.

I create a plane with three points to sketch on it. But now i cannot snap to the triangles corners!

Hi, if I understand your request, you will like to replicate the sketch on the other side.

How about you try using the Mirror feature from the Transform menu using the edge by the side you want the replica as the mirroring axis:

Hi Victor,
some more snapshots to understand my geometry:

mirroring doesn’t help

I create the constructionplane with three pionts on the corner of my triangles. but when i try to sketch on this plane i can’t snap even to the same points!

From what I understand, you will need create the sketch with matching dimensions with the face you will snap it to
Hide the plane
Then use the Transform move/rotate feature to reposition the sketch to snap to the corners of the triangles

I tried to do so! But snapping doesn’t work!

Please send the workspace to We will look into the issue and then get back to you as soon as possible

you have mail.