Dimensioning to Datum plane

Does anyone know how you can dimension to plane when in a new sketch. The new plane was created to use as a centerline of a opening. And what is the process of using existing geometry edges when the sketch is above it. The new sketch lines will not snap to the lines because it is above it, any suggestions how to solve the issue.

Thank you

There’s a Project tool available in sketching mod, you can use that to create references that you can snap/constrain to. Also, you can’t currently constrain to world axes directly, so you might need to create a sketch line just for that. And one other caveat for now that we’ll fix: you can’t project construction sketches.

Peter I did not know that was added that has been something I have talked about adding to the sketch mode in the past. It works great and makes things a lot easier when needing existing edges that are not on the sketching plane to use for reference.

Thank you

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