Sorta like a Hyperboloid

I’m completely new to CAD and design in general, so please excuse any and all ignorance. I’m a woodworker and I’ve decided that graph paper and graphite is going the way of the Yellow Pages. That being said, I’m trying to design/create a center pedestal dining table and I’m not sure how to go about creating the shape shown in the image below. I don’t even know what the shape(s) is/are called and the closest thing I could find via Google is “Hyperboloid,” which I was this many days old when I learned “Hyperboloid” is a word.

Thank you all in advance,

Draw the profile and use the revolve tool. Tutorials - Revolve bodies | Shapr3D

There are many Ytube vids. Google Shapr and just about anything you want help with and it’s likely there.

Keeping in mind that Shapr is evolving rather rapidly and the older tutorials can be a bit frustrating because the tools change, but the functions are still there.

But going through several of the tutorials will help you learn Shapr. Thinking outside the box will help you master it.

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