Spline Symmetry?

Hi! Relatively new to Shapr3D. My question is, how can I get matching spline symmetry to account for modifications to the spline?

Right now I have a control point spline making up half of a guitar, as per one of the early tutorials. I’ve got it duplicated and mirrored along the Y axis alright, and the ends of the control points link properly. But I can’t figure out how to make it symmetrical so that edits I do to the control points of one spline are reflected in the other. The best I can do is make them tangential, which results in some funky behaviour like splines bending oddly.

Is this possible? Without making a whoooole bunch of specific arcs and making them tangential - I’d love to keep using the spline tool for this. Thank you!

Hello @Curiobot, maintaining tangency at the top and bottom end of the splines is a must have to get a smooth transition after the mirror. If there were no tangency there, you would end up in an edge on the extruded body. After you set the spline to tangent to a horizontal at the endpoints, you will see that you are only able to move the control points horizontally which is caused by the tangent snap.
To get a symmetrical shape you should use the control points directly. If you select a control point on the left and on the right, then tap Symmetry on the toolbar and select the symmetry axis, the two control points will be the exact mirror product of each other.

As I can see you have a lot of Guides marked with purple lines. If you would like to get rid off them, just tap on the magnet icon on the bottom and turn off Guides.