Splines doesn't work

The splines don’t work, I tried to but it doesn’t create the curve, does anyone know how to fix? I used iPad Pro 2021 with Apple Pencil

Hello! When creating the spline just press the pencil towards the screen to define a control point and please do not lift off the Pencil from the screen after setting it. Just move on with the Pencil while it touches the screen.

Let me share another forum thread with you where you will find a video recording about the process, please let me know if it helps:

as I said, I have done everything, but they do not go

No problem, in this case, please turn on the Tutorial Mode. It can be found in the iPad’s Settings > Shapr3D submenu. After turning it on, I’d like to ask you to create a screen recording about the workflow and share it here, or open a support ticket. Thanks!

Edit: Please also let us know what version of Shapr3D are you using

I can’t activate the tutorial mode, where is it? Where is IPad setting?

The Settings can be found under the grey gear icon, let me share an article about it: Find settings on iPad – Apple Support (UK)).

After entering the Settings, please scroll down to Shapr3D in the list on the left side, tap on it and you will find a Display Pencil and touches toggle which should be enabled.