Splint between upper and lower teeth

This is one of the ways to treat TMJ pain and clicking. This type of splints is called positioning splints as it positions the mandible when biting in a specific location decided by the treating doctor. So it is booleaned from the upper teeth and from the lower teeth in the specific location


Very cool. I assume the skull is a CT scan, right?

Yes it is a CT scan segmented model. To tell you the truth this splint should be designed on optical impression of the patient teeth not on X-rays but I could not find one at the time I started drawing and it will be the same designing procedures

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For precise design of bite splint it is much better to use ExoCad. In my opinion, Optical Scan of the whole jaw is still not accurate enough.

I am used to use blender for dental in fabrication of such splints. I make an impression pour it into a model then I use model scanner to make it digital. Intracranial optical scan is time and effort consuming and actually the bite is the one which is most of the time not accurate

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Intra oral not intracranial sorry