Split a Body that Was created from Shell


Windows 10 App Version 5.160.3475.0 #f0892845

Sketched a 4" x 2" rectangle, extruded to 24", then shelled with 0.188’ wall thickness.

Noted that the other end is not not shelled through. Why does this occur?
RHS_4X2X0.199_tube.shapr (17.6 KB)
Thought it would go through complete body.

Want to split body at one end at a 45 degree angle. When using a construction plan placed on the edge and rotated to 45-deg the section cannot be deleted. What am I doing wrong?

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If you double click to select the entire body before applying the shell tool then it will shell the inside.

If you single click a face before applying the shell tool then it will shell from the face leaving all other sides intact. Just imagine you’re trying to shell out a bowl.

Simply push out the remaining face to make the hole go all the way through.

For the 45° cut I used the split body tool with the construction plane.

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Sketched the shape. Extruded to obtain the correct. Height. Selected End Face 1 >>Shift >> select opposite end. Shell command >> entered thickness required. Both end faces are removed. Too simple. Then applied added the construction plane and cut as required. Thanks for giving me the push to make it work.

Sketch Shape>>Extrude>>Select Both End Faces >> Shell>> Set Thickness >> Return

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That’s correct. The shell tool will shell from the face you select so selecting any number of faces will shell from those faces.

In your previous case, with the model already created, it’s just a matter of ‘pushing out’ the unwanted face.

Of course, recreating the model and shelling it appropriately works too. So happy you got the result you wanted :slightly_smiling_face: