The ol’ hack ‘n slash

Hello all,
I know it touches on some previous feature requests, but an easy “hack & slash” slice job would be great. The way you select section views, but then permanently. I don’t always have dimensions in mind when designing and when I run out of print bed on my Prusa mini, that would save a lot of time. Slice it up, print apart, glue together.
Also, is there a way to add intermediate points to a curve? Say I created a 3x3x3 box and I want to make it two boxes 1x3x3 and 2x3x3. How do I proceed if the 3x3x3 box was created 20 steps ago and now I don’t want to redo the entire thought process?
Thanks for the info!

“Also, is there a way…”
Clue(?): Bodies are independent of sketches. You can spawn as many bodies as you want from a single sketch. You can add to a sketch and extrude any parts of it to achieve your goal. With that you should be able to achieve what you desire. This will also help you achieve your hack and slash.

Hi, I made a request for a Split Body/Split Face tool a few weeks’ ago and I am sure their team is working on that now.

For the mean time, there are a few ways that you can split the body into different parts but it involves a few operations. I’d like to share my workflow with you.

  1. Add a Construction Plane on the side of the body that you would like to split, then select Move/Copy tool and copy and move the copied body to a location. Maybe below the original one.
    This is a screen image

  1. Extrude a Block or an Object on the body to a position that you would like to split into separate components. Select “Intersect”. A new body will be formed by the Intersection.

  1. Move the Copy of the original body back to the original position, then perform a Subtract Operation but select to keep the removed body.

4)Pay attention to the correct selections of bodies to be subtracted (+ and -).

  1. After that, you had divided the body into two seperate components.

This is just one of the ways to do this. But this is the work flow that I am using now to Split Bodies.

These Split Body operations are needed to modify designs to be made by Plastic Injection Molding methods.

Just do it a few more times and you will be able to do that very easily.

Enjoy! Thats the art of Direct Modeling. (I moved from Parametric Modeling but I do enjoy Direct Modeling… Like going back to the basic!)


Thank you so much for the impressive reply, it helped a lot!

Thank you for the reply! It helped me out.

Oh hi, you are welcomed! Just sharing some experiences with users!