Splitting a body

How do I split this part ?


Brilliant :star_struck: !!! Thank you Sir . I know this is the solution but I want to do it with the split command. That would be easy and time saving.

I feel you, but the split-feature only works with planar split-geometry. Thats a fact.

Tiger Mikes way to do it is the most intuitive solution for this. Annother way that came to my mind was:

  • Add another body that is intersecting with one half of your body
  • Apply a intersect-feature (Make sure to keep the originals)
  • Now subtract the block-body from your original body and turn “keep originals” to “none”

Now you have the two halfs of your body. Same result as with Mikes solution, different approach.

Cheers Matt


I really wish split would just work like in Fusion360. It’s so intuitive in Fusion, and it uses the same technological basis.