Stuck in loading screen

Hello. I have two workspaces that work properly and my third one goes to the loading screen and when the “loading circle “fills all the way around and the app locks up. image is there a way to save it?

Are you running the latest version? (3.0.2)

And did you create that workspace with 2.2.6(or older) or in 3.x?

Pardon me Istvan, but I have definitely seen much more frequent problems with my Ipad Pro for each IOS update as well and I’d like you to comment on any such reflections you have with developing parallel stability.
Take into consideration that I as an example even right now in this script window had no success in moving the cursor into position. It is a frequent problem and did not occur when I bought this pad.

Thank you for your feedback. The forum window that you are having troubles with, is the default safari browser window, it has nothing to do with Shapr.
On the other hand, in the last 10 days we released 3 new versions, each of them fixed lots of bugs, and we are just about to release 3.0.3, with even more fixes. Should you have any specific issues, please drop us a mail, or leave a emssage in the forum, with the problematic workspace file, or with a video about the problem.

I am currently running 3.0.2 on an iPad Pro. I have been updating apps every other day or so. I started this problem workspace within the past week.

If you connect your iPad to your computer, you can download the entire workspaces folder at once from Shapr. If you could send it to me at I would debug the issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Here is how:


Thank you for the help Istvan. I don’t own a computer but when I can use a friends I’ll send the folder to you. It’s not a super important file but I was hoping I wouldn’t have to start over.

We will enable Files app support ASAP, then you won’t need a computer, sorry about the inconvenience :expressionless:

Istvan, I had a second work space get stuck on the loading screen but it resolved after about 10 seconds so I tried loading my original problem workspace again. I am in a cafe with good wifi(I don’t know if it matters) and i kept the screen awake for about 5 minutes and my workspace loaded. It still bogs the program down to slow speeds but I can work on it again. I am guessing the issue may be bad design on my part as I’m learning what works to keep everything tidy. Thanks for the help.

When you open an old workspace for the first time, it can take some time as we have to convert the old geometries to Parasolid. After the first time it should be much faster to open it. If it is still slow, just send us the workspace and we will take a look.