Unable to open file / app

When I go to open the app, it tries to load my last file, and jut sits there after the progress circle goes to 100% the second time.
Previously it took longer and longer to open it each time, now not opening at all.

I don’t want to lose my progress, is this a known issue that will be fixed soon?

Running on a 1st Gen iPad Pro with the latest iOS

Definitely. If you can by any chance send us the workspace, that would help a lot. Please send it to support@shapr3d.com

The app jumps to opening it every time the app opens even when force quitting it several times.

(Would it be possible to get your app to save in iCloud Drive, rather than internally?)

I don’t have a Mac any more to try to pull the files off using iTunes… any other way to get the file? Or force it back to the menu?

In the next version of the app, the workspaces view will be shown by default and it won’t try to always open the last workspace. For your export without a mac/pc problem, I’ve sent you a private message.