Workspace Crashing


My saved project workspace will no longer open for me - it crashes after loading. I’m wondering if using the information provided somebody can tell me if upgrading to the latest iPad will give me access again?

(Perhaps too many ‘model elements & tessellating bodies’ for my current iPad to handle? 10.5 1st gen iPad Pro )


Hi Rob,

Sorry to see that your workspace crashes :confused: If you can backup the .SHAPR project file, you will be able to continue modeling on any other iPad that supports Shapr3D. If you can upload the file or send it to I will check out if it can be opened on a newer iPad.

If you cannot backup the project from your iPad, try this solution:


How do I backup the project file from outside the workspace?

I don’t have a computer…

@Rob Have you tried an app reinstall? This can often correct any corruptions and allow files to load correctly.

Cheers for that advice mate.

Deleted & reinstalled. Lost all my work.

All of it.

@Rob Never had that happen before. We’re you just letting the app save to the default location? I always make sure my files are saving to my own maintained file/folder structure.

So sorry to hear this. Going forward, please save your files to iCloud, using the export function, choosing Shapr3D format, then save to Files. McD