Student license problem

I have requested for student license two weeks ago.

But I still haven’t receive anything.

And the priority support in APP just can’t send features.

Is there anything else I can do right now?


Anyone here?

We approve every license in 1-2 business days. We send out emails with the news.

But it’s been three weeks already since I sent request.

I still only can use free version.

Daniel Rosner shapr3d@discoursemail.com於 2018年12月26日 週三,18:56寫道:

Please send your student ID to and if everything checks out I’ll approve it.

I have send it yesterday, please check.
Thanks a lot.

I feel really bad.
I’ve send my ID for over 10 days.
And it’s been over a month since I send the request.
Still, nothing happened.
Is it that hard?

Hi - I’ve seen the message, the problem was that your ID is only valid until 2018. If you send me one that is not outdated I’ll make the upgrade.

Well, nice move.
Make me waiting for one month and say it’s outdated.
Fine I’ll get a new extended card tomorrow.
Still feel really awful about the way you guys solving the problems.:confused:

Hi - thanks for the feedback. We will try to make this process better, usually it’s not a problem. Appreciate your patience and hope you will like the PRO features.

I’ve upgraded your account now until Jan 31th, so you can model in the meantime, but please send me current card to make it a full year.

I don’t want to act like a bad guy.
But I’m still waiting for my license confirmed.
I have send you my new legal student ID card.
However, neither the one year access nor a one month access you told me few days ago appeared.
Can you just tell me what’s going on with the information I have send.
This is ridiculous!

As I said, I’ve upgraded your account until Jan31st. I have reviewed your pic in the meantime, thanks for the resubmit - I’ve upgraded you account. Sorry if this was a gruesome process, usually it is not, very rarely it happens. Hope you will enjoy the PRO

Daniel, I’m unsure if you are still with the company but I’d figure I’d try it out since I saw this thread.

I applied for a Student Licences 2 days ago said it would take 2 days to approve… Well came and went and nothing, I contacted customer service and said they found nothing for my username/email for my Shapr3d Account. Is there anyway you can take a look at this for me and get me approved? I have everything that is needed to get approved and I can send over ASAP.

Thank you for your time

Daniel is still with us, and that makes us really happy, however @Victor_Shapr3D is taking care of the edu licenses. Sorry for the delay, we will look into it ASAP.

Oh ok, I just thought maybe I can do it another way instead of trying to upload everything all over again since the first time it didn’t take… But I’ll do it again tonight and hopefully I can get approved :slight_smile:

Hi - we still don’t see any application with your email. Can you please drop me an email to and I’ll make sure to make the approval asap