I have so many problems to subtract a zylinder from another body with multiple parts.
Before upate it was easyer.
Na chance for me to set it with + or - . There nothing change.

Best regards Michaela


I am unsure if my interpretation of your problem is correct.
However this shows a Cylinder being Subtracted from 2 Bodies.


  1. The option to Keep Originals - Removed Bodies

  2. That it is necessary to Tap the Second Body twice to obtain the required :heavy_plus_sign: Icon

If this is not helpful just shout

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Hi Michaela, do you get an invalid body error message when trying to assign + or - to the bodies or you do not get to see the Done check marK?

If could please attach a short video showing the video that would be really helpful.

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Ah. I believe this should work out nicely. Thanks.

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Could it be that i do more trouble inside my sketch while i use the substract, then i can safe the old Sketch/ file, and but a merge all critical parts and now my Shapre say no Export possible

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