Suddenly can't extrude?

Hi, newbie here:) When I draw a rectangle in a sketch and move to extrude it I get no arrows when I select it?
All was fine before? What did i do to myself? Thanks,g

Welcome to the forum.
I can’t help with your problem but someone who can should be along soon.

Can you share a screenshot?

Hi and thanks for your response. I think I had two problems.

1, I needed to upgrade my OS to Ventura.

2, Conceptually I needed to understand that when a shape is too complex to extrude the arrows do not appear. I’m into an esoteric corner here, extruding and drafting highly customized text from Illustrator. My goal is to 3Dprint drafted positives for sand casting in metal. Shaper3D is doing better at this operation than some other well know apps. Busting the problem letters into smaller extrusions/draftings by adding lines in the sketch leads me to the problem areas where I can continue to divide and conquer. CAD programs are just not built for this minority issue so I don’t expect perfection. Again Shapr3D is getting further than other apps.

On the side… I really appreciate how Shaper3D is using the Mac interface to its fuller potential. I bought my first Mac in Feb of 85’. Been a little water gone under the bridge since then. I’m hot to get a new iPad pro and join the 21st Century. At 72 I’m getting desperate not to turn into a dinosaur.

Attached is what an extruded/drafted/printed positive looks like. The bottom parts are for metal distribution.

My best to all. g