Extruding issue


I am learning from the tutorial about USB power adaptor,which is based on previous version. I followed the instructions but Now I don’t see how to hide sketch?
So I sketch almost everything and extrude them. You will see little red circle.I assume it is bug. Then I try to figure out where is the issue by extruding one after another.This time it is perfect. So I assume I have to do it in correct order which is very annoying. Because I don’t know what is it.

It is easy to spend hours on Shapr3d. However it kills the battery instantly. I say 3 hours? Can you make it power efficient?

Hi Lue,

Extrude: this usually happens when your lines are not connected. From very far out it can look like they are connected, but if you zoom in closely, you’ll see that the points are not connected. If you connect the sketched lines properly, the extrude should work as intended.

What happens if you delete that little part circled in red? Does it delete that small part only or the entire shape?

Sketch: with some of the earlier version you could hide sketches, but it’s not possible in the current version (technical reasons).

Battery life: yes, it’s on the roadmap to increase it.

All right. Thank you for the reply