Surfboard fin’s /foil’s

Hi, having a Meltdown trying to design surfboard fin’s.
Sure I can draw a foil but can’t figure how to extrude the shape.

Please help!.

Here’s a start using guided loft. The top of the fin needs fixing. Not sure how to do that yet. Other’s may be able to assist here or offer a different approach.


Hi, many thanks.

Will give it a go today.

Thanks again

Here is two kind of solution, may be help.
These made for aeromodel’s fin/rudder.


Thank you

Will give my full attention tomorrow morning

Hi,there. Is this what you need?

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Not quite, but is is a help


I think this version will work for you.


I have attached the Shapr3D file here for your reference. Use as you wish.

Regarding my video: After I loft the main fin at 29 secs, I sketch a line that bisects the upper oval sketch. This is needed to do the 2nd loft. That line (at the red arrow) is part of the oval plane. The vertical plane also has a line there as part of the half oval. Both lines share the same 3D space.

Surfboard Fin.shapr (158.8 KB)

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I’m struggling to download. Thanks
Will try again