Swaping from woodworking to different tutorial

Hello, I just got my iPad Pro so thought I would look to dump fusion 360 on windows a perfectly usable for a hobbies retired engineer and get something for the new toy. Anyway I have two things to decide between the apps, I am redesigning the kitchen so need a floor layout and tool for over designing my units and secondly a wooden workbench a. When I loaded the app it said I could change the type of work I was intending to do from engineering woodworking architectural etc, but darned if having gone for woodworking can I see how to do the floor plan tutorials` can anyone advise me please many thanks


We have huge amount of tutorials on our Youtube channel, it’s a good idea to start there :slight_smile: Many of our users also make great videos, so Youtube will definitely help a lot.

Shapr3D channel:

Regardless of which tutorial you choose during onboarding, the app features are exactly the same, and all tutorials teach the same actions, just with different models, so you didn’t miss out anything.

Yes thanks YouTube is helpful but I liked the embedded follow along tutorial built in for the engineering track which I selected I just want to try a different one

Yes, and it may be that my aspen approach to learning is emmersive but if I want to do the tutorials why is it a big deal if I want to do them all ? Shouldn’t it be up to me how I choose to learn?. If it is banned for some technical reason all I need to be told is it’s impossible, but I am pretty sure the sign up process said you can swap tracks, and it specifically Sid the configuration of shapr would reflect the choice made.

Currently you can’t access the other tutorials in app, sorry.

There is also no difference in app at the moment regarding available tools of behaviour.