Sweep Tool - Are Compound Curves/Pipes Possible?

I am working on tubular frame for something and I am attempting to draw a pipe (D shape) that has a compound curve. It goes ‘up’ and ‘out’ at the same time.

There is a leading edge that I had hoped to use the ‘offset edge’ tool to pull a compound line from to then use the sweep tool on, however it will not let me do that.

Is there any way to accomplish this that I am just missing?

I’ll attach a photo for reference…


Sweep function it should be doable. I did this projecting a line to a shape then using line for sweep

Interesting… When you say ‘projecting a line to a shape’, what exactly are you referencing? Just drawing a line on a shape?

When I attempt that, the line will pick one axis to draw on…

No. Draw a 2d line and project it to a shape. Then you can create a sketch plane using point at a curve (bottom option), then you can sweep it. My pic show the line and the projected line on the extruded oval.

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