Can't figure out sweep

A friend’s kid wanted to turn a “Breath of the Wild Temple” into a dice roller so I gave it a try.

I was able to make the general shape without much issue. But I wanted to add the organic facade to the face. I tried drawing spline, and projections but never got it to work.

Is there some way to get Shapr3D to “snap” the curved face while drawing a spline? When I did the projection and tried to do the sweep across the face it never quite worked out for me.

What is the best way to draw those “root” looking things on the face of an object like this?

This is what I have and the image of what I was trying to duplicate.

Here is the shapr3d project file
Breath of the Wild Temple.shapr (3.9 MB)


Export the model and try importing the model into a sculpting program for post processing. Sculptura and Putty? There are others.

So based on that comment doing a sweep across a curved source similar to a cone is not very doable?

Technically, 3d splines are not supported yet, but if you create a 2d spline, you can project it onto any surface as an edge and use it as a rail for sweeping. The challenge here is to connect the splines that were projected from different planes around the shape.
I have made a video about how would I start this project, but it can happen that it is easier to make those shapes in a sculpting software

ps.: I am sorry for the silly splines, I am not making a joke of your project, just tried to show the workflow. Somehow The Neverhood game popped in my mind while modeling :slight_smile:

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Awesome. Thanks, I’m watching now… And no worries… It is a silly project and was just a way to practice doing something I’ve never tried to do before so was partly to get the kid what he wants and another to help me learn something new. I really appreciate your video.

I am not sure I am understanding why the projection happens at 1:32. Is this because of this “the challenge…projected from different planes around the shape”?

I created a plane at the endpoint of the projected spline. If you draw something on that plane, it will be independent of the spline I placed the plane on. I projected the spline (which is technically an edge after the projection) from the surface to the freshly made plane to get to know where is the exact endpoint of the projected spline. This helped me snap the center point of the circle to the endpoint of the projected edge.

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