Talking Telescope

I’d like to share with you a project I worked on during the height of the pandemic. I did some freelance work for a local educational toy company and they wanted me to provide a new design for a talking telescope with a fresh look. The job was in two phases. The first was a series of design studies that involved a back and forth approval process. Once the final design was approved I commenced with the second phase which was a complete tear down of all molded parts with appropriate wall thicknesses designed for assembly and manufacturing. Details such as draft and lap joints were not part of this phase. The one part I did not design was the red eye shroud as it is an existing part from other product.

The first two pictures show the actual product which I’m pleased to say became available this last quarter. The third pic is a section showing the layout for the optics. The forth pic is the final design followed by a video of an exploded view showing most internal parts.


Bravo Mike! Wonderful to see Shapr3D used in commercial applications.

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Very cool Mike! It’s gotta be fun designing toys, especially educational ones.

That’s a great achievement Mike. Well done :clap:

This is awesome. And it’s so great to see the final product!

Well done Mike, looks great

Thanks everyone for the kind words. I’ll have more things to share later on.

We would love to see your projects !

Masterful work Mike. We are lucky to have you contribute to the forum here! :+1:

Looking forward to seeing more of your work Mike.

Amazing work and looks futuristic :+1::+1::star::star::star::star::star::star::star:

Thanks again for the nice words.

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Well done Mike! :wave: :wave: :wave:
And if we zoom in on the video, we can clearly see that each piece is perfectly drawn, with edges and fillets without burrs.
It’s no surprise though, when you watch the amazing tutorial videos that Mike posts regularly :heart_eyes:

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Thank you @PEC.
I mentioned that the first phase was a series of design studies which meant I went through several size and shape variations during this process. I must say that direct modeling made the process quite smooth as I was able to keep duplicates as I went along making tweaks and changes. This meant that most sketches became irrelevant and many were discarded. If I needed to recreate a sketch I would simply add a construction plane and use Project.

Mike’s telescope is on Amazon.


Hi @Stephen, I appreciate the posting although I need to make a correction. That item is the older version. Here’s the one I designed and it’s now on Amazon.


Thanks for clarifying that Mike :+1:

Great gift for a child.


That’s great to hear. I hope he enjoys it!
All the best, Mike


Arrived today Mike.